We are Brazilian SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists who worked for several years in the Brazilian SEO market. We can provide you full SEO service for Brazil.

Brazilian Keyword Research & SEO Audit

As we are native Brazilian speakers, we know how to find the top search volume keywords which might suit your website’s content, so that you would have a better chance of ranking for these keywords at Google. We will also do an SEO audit of your website for detecting any issues which might harm your ranking.

Key Features of Our Manual Link Building

a)    Careful Natural link building for your brand

We are going to implement 100% Natural Link Building. We will not try to get any any kind of links which might carry even a little risk. More manual work and relationship with webmasters will be put into effort to get authority links. Below, we explain which types/ways of link building we will do.

b)    No easy or spam links

We will not get links as comments, forum posts (except some industry leader, authority forums), or even article submissions or any grey hat or spammy looking methods. These are used to be effective methods in the past before penguin and panda updates of Google algorithm. However, now they carry a certain risk element.

c)    More engagement & relationship with Brazilian webmasters

Getting authority links is not easy. So, we will establish relationships with those influential Brazilian web writers and webmasters.

d)     Effective communication & cooperation with you

We will communicate any concern in getting certain types of links such as links from competitors, etc. Besides, we also would like to communicate when there is a need for help from you. For example, we might need an article approved by you.

Ex-Googler, Fabi, who assessed thousands of websites’ compliance with Google AdSense policies at Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin, will get quality Brazilian backlinks with his native Brazilian link builders with desired SEO metrics.